Condition-led Care

Condition-led care at home

Many conditions acquired as we get older require specialist care. Often, it is thought this can only be provided in a care home. The care team at Bunbury Care Agency are specially trained to provide expert condition-led care suited to the needs of your loved one.

Elderly care at homeSome conditions or illness can be intrusive and life-changing. We understand how disruptive this can be, and why it is so important to stay the familiar surroundings of your own home to aid recovery. Our specialist level of care, perfectly suited to your condition and personal needs allows you to staying the comfort of your home and receive all the necessary support.

Our condition-led care plans are personal and flexible. We provide the exact care you’re looking for, at the exact time you need it, for however long you need it. Day or night, we are there to be relied upon. There is a wide range of options to choose from such as daily care or live in, and we will work with you to tailor a plan to suit you.

All of our carers are specially recruited based on their experience and condition specific training. They are experts in supporting those who have Dementia, Alzheimers, MS, Parkinson’s or those who have had a stroke. They offer the highest level of consideration, respect, and patience.

If your loved one requires specialist care and you wish for them to stay at home, get in touch with us to discuss how we can help.

Our rota-based home care services

Our ‘Rosy Rota’ care service has operated successfully for many years and is approved by our clients and carers alike. We will carefully select a few different carers who will provide you with the exact support that you need, exactly when you need it.

Why choose home care?

Home care is a preferred option to a care home, and is usually the cheapest option. The main benefits to receiving care at home is the ability to choose who your carers are, and the care is one-to-one and revolves around you. If you stay at home you can choose your meals, keep your own routine, enjoy your garden or pets, and stay somewhere that’s familiar and has memories. For those with conditions that affect memory, it can be very beneficial to keep surroundings known.

Home care is completely tailored to the individual so that their way of life is disrupted as little as possible and kept as normal as possible. Our carers look after you and your home, but can also take you out to your favourite local places, shopping, go to the hairdressers or help you receive guests.

We take great care in placing the right carers with our clients so that your loved ones receive the exact support, care and understanding that they need.

Client story: Alzheimer’s

We have been looking after this single lady since 2006. She has serious Alzheimer’s and mobility problems. She has her own private Housekeeper and our carer works in conjunction with her to ensure that she has around the clock care. Her niece and nephew are amazed that she is still alive and having a reasonable quality of life. They believe that this is down to the fact that she has had such good care from the same team of carers for so many years.

Client story: Parkinson’s

This French lady came to the UK as an Au Pair after the war and fell in love with a relative of the family she was working for.. Sadly she contracted Parkinson’s very early in life, at the age of 47. She managed her condition for many years but eventually was unable to do anything for herself. She needed full time live in carers as well as daily carers to help with the hoists. When I visited her we spent a long time talking about her life. She could still laugh at situations and had a great sensitivity towards other people. She told me she was a numerologist and could work out people by calculating numbers from their birth date. She said she would do mine but unfortunately she deteriorated very quickly. She did say to me that she never wanted to go into a care home and that it was amazing that she could still have this high level of care in her own home. It was a privilege to have known her.

Your safety and peace of mind are paramount

All our Bunbury Carers are thoroughly checked in line with the UKHCA Code of Practice and have current DBS certification. They have the experience, knowledge and qualifications to look after vulnerable adults, maintaining the dignity and respect of the client.

Depending on the carer’s abilities and qualifications, they can provide various levels of personal care, administer medication and assist with moving and handling. They will assist with housekeeping, prepare and maintain a well balanced diet and provide companionship and support to meet all of your requirements.

When recruiting we perform a thorough procedure of checks and the carers must provide:

  • Full details of their work experience or CV.
  • Copies of all their qualifications.
  • At least two references from recent employers.
  • Two forms of identification.
  • A Current Enhanced DBS Disclosure (Police Check).

All references are meticulously checked and verified by us over the telephone with previous Employers. This allows us to ask further questions and gain more in-depth knowledge of the carer. The carer is then interviewed by us to ensure they are suitable for our clients.

We are a home care agency based in Llanfaelog, Anglesey helping families predominantly on the island of Anglesey and North Wales, although we are nationwide.

Anglesey Home Care is part of the Bunbury Care Agency who is a member of the UKHCA (United Kingdom Home Care Association) and an associate member of SOLLA (Society of Later Life Advisers). SOLLA is the only association in the UK that can provide accredited financial consultants who can advise and assist people with the funding of elderly care.

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